New Moon and the new beginnings that follow

July 8, 2019


This was the first sound healing ceremony I held during the new Moon and a Solar Eclipse. It was July 2nd, 2019. Mexico.

The ceremony was special. It was in itself an embodiment of a new life I started.
If also was special for me because I finally paid attention to it. I’m sure it always has been powerful, I just didn’t observe its effect on my life before. This time it was different. Preparing for the evening ceremony I did the research on the significance of this day. It made me become present which in turn helped me to implement this knowledge in my life. 



“The Universe gifted me with its magic and gave me a glimpse once again of what’s possible.” 



New Moon is a time of new beginnings, of starting a new chapter and leaving the past behind. The Moon is also a feminine energy. Contrary to the common belief, feminine doesn’t mean that its effects are only felt by the women. We all have both feminine and masculine sides in us and balancing those is how we get in the “feel good state”. Men are welcome to these ceremonies as much as women are.

This New Moon was made more intense by the Solar Eclipse which added a need for commitment and discipline as we eliminate and clean up all that’s outdated in our life in order to free up space for the new.

Often when I work with people I hear them say that they will change one thing or another once they get something they want. Unfortunately it works the other way around. Freeing up space, ending and moving on is necessary in order to create space for the new in our life.

This time I was serious about my clean up. Ending relationships is not easy, letting go of what we think is right for us is challenging and moving on from something we spent a lot of time working on is very unpleasant. But I did it. I let go while trusting in the Universe and tuning in to the limitless magical energy I have been living.

And guess what???? The Universe gifted me with its magic and gave me a glimpse once again of what’s possible. I was observing what was happening to me with a curiosity of a child. I literally got transported into a different dimension where things just started coming to me. All I had to do is to allow this energy to flow and accept it. No resistance. I left the resistance in the past as part of the clean up. 

How did I manage to clean up and keep raising my vibrations? Here are my 5 steps:

1. Silence yourself - this is my new terminology for meditation. I think this word is so overused that it causes cringed faces when people hear it. Silencing yourself is the way to create space and allow new thoughts to come in. 

2. Sleep - this is our super secret recovery technique. So please keep it to yourself :)

3. Energy work - since I practice Reiki I totally “abuse” it to keep my vibrations high. Raising our energy cleanses our aura and therefore helps us to get rid of negative thoughts and doubts which are totally destructive and keep us away from our magic.

4. Spending time with my favorite person in the world, myself - I had to learn how to do it. Somehow this is one of the most challenging behaviors we as humans have to learn in our life. Often these days I prefer my own company to the countless parties and bar gatherings that come my way.

5. Sound healing - another powerful way to raise vibrations. You can never have too much of it so go ahead and go crazy.

The benefit of timing the changes in your life to the planetary movements is in the headwind that nature gives us. It provides the energy to help us achieve our vision making it easier to succeed in it. It’s the Universe itself showing up to support us so why not get in the flow?

Don’t worry if you missed this previous new Moon. The good thing is that this event of nature happens every month so keep an eye on the calendar and try it out.  

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