Being removed from nature is harmful for humans

June 26, 2019



I miss sunsets. I miss sunrises. I miss the birds chirping. I miss being surrounded by the green of the forest mixed with blue of the ocean and the sky, and the dark brown of la tierra. Even though I find myself in this adorable miniature Barcelona in the middle of Mexico, far away from my life in New York, I still lack nature in my life. I find it bizarre and obvious at the same time. I’ve lived in cities for over 30 years and suddenly I miss waking up to the sound of the crushing ocean waves or falling asleep to singing of the cicadas in the middle of the forest.  


Somehow it has become a sign of prestige to be busy and stressed out.

Once I learnt the feeling of life surrounded by nature, there is nothing that can be compared to it. I finally found my way home and my body is the one who recognized it while my mind was busy with thoughts and ideas, as always. Thankfully I learnt to observe and listen to my intuition (see previous articles) and once I noticed something was off I realized it was the lack of nature in my life. My soul has led me to this realization. When I put an end to my previous life a year ago I envisioned myself living in Barcelona thinking with my logical mind that I needed to be in the middle of the city to enjoy myself. Now I can’t wait to escape to the woods.

The nature called me. I made my way to it, slowly but I found it. Once I was surrounded by it, my body recognized its powerful vibrations and I got hooked. The longer I stayed the deeper I healed. The deeper I healed the less I wanted to leave. The less I wanted to leave the more I started to observe and understand. 


...nature is powerful. More powerful than all of us combined

Back in New York the contrast is sharp. Humans almost not remembering how to be humans and becoming these robot-like creatures which sometimes don’t even have time to sleep, let alone sit in silence and observe their own thoughts. Humans who prefer not to feel because they don’t know how to handle the ocean of emotions raising above their heads so that they prefer to avoid them in order not to drown. And it’s not about New York, believe it or not this epidemic has spread wide and far. Somehow it has become a sign of prestige to be busy and stressed out. Believe me, I’ve been in that environment, the pressure is real.

What I have observed once I removed myself from the civilization-like environment was surprising and obvious. We are humans. And we are animals. Just like animals do we so do belong to nature. The connection between the nature and is is very strong. We with years have tried to cut all ties pretending we are here to use nature as we are superior to it. We cut trees, killed animals, dries rivers, polluted everything around us without taking a moment to realize that all we are doing is polluting ourselves. You see, nature is powerful. More powerful than all of us combined. And it reminds us once in a while about its power. Think of the countless natural “disasters” when nature unceremoniously disrupted our lives. Nature made ourself heard and we still stood blind to it.

Not only we are physically hurting ourselves by trashing the environment, we also are hurting emotionally. All that mental illness and anxiety that no one these days seems to escape is in direct correlation with our disconnect with nature. We stopped touching plants, stopped working with hands and watching our plants grow, we replaced spending time in the woods with time in front of a laptop because god forbid we don’t make that another $1,000 at the expense of our body. Ah and our body. What’s the big deal. We just collapse once or twice from anxiety or exhaustion. It’s just the body. Give it another pill and it will her back up.

Ok I think I’ve made a point here. It took me almost a year to realize all this and make decisions about the style of my life, my diet, my environment and my relationships. It’s been a big clean up, inside and out. And some of you noticed.

The surprising and simple answer on my search of my path came from nature. Statements about trees being alive don’t shock me any more, talking to my plants has become a new norm and recycling everything and avoiding plastic is not even a question. I learnt to respect the nature because I now know if I don’t, it will teach me a lesson anyway. 

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