A gift of intuition and how to discover your own

April 21, 2019


I have never understood people whose explanation to the decision making process was “I just knew it”. Hard stop. Without them feeling that there was anything else to add. This type of answer left me confused time and time again. What does it mean you just know? How is that even possible? Without research and consultation with half of the world made of parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, strangers in the bars for god’s sake. You just know?


That was until I started using the same reasoning myself. It’s simple. I just know. It’s the most certain and peaceful place I’ve found myself in. I suddenly get an answer to the lingering questions. And the best part, it’s simple and crystal clear.


It was in the moment of silence when I realized

that that was my intuition that was guiding me.


It’s called intuition. I heard about it, wanted to be the one who has it but certainly didn’t do anything to develop it. I didn’t know it was possible for me. I was doing everything, however, to be able to let it be heard. I was doing it subconsciously. As a result, The Universe led me to the place it meant for us humans to inhabit. The place of living from the heart. The place of peace and compassion.


My journey started from a light bulb moment when I suddenly realized that I’ve been living my life upside down. This light bulb moment I now call my second download. My first was when I moved to New York. Out of the blue, on my own, without money or any concrete plan I decided the place I would call home is going to be in the USA.


The second light bulb moment led me to getting my yoga instructor certification and discovering the meditation practice. That in turn led me to even more questioning, to starting to travel solo and discovering my fears. That in turn led me to crossing paths with my sound therapy teacher and that’s when the puzzle started to transform into a picture I couldn’t fully see. The energy, new knowledge, realizations, magic all around, people, quitting the office job that was draining me, learning about neuroscience and eventually removing myself from the cozy environment of my home. I realized that I’m making my life a living experiment of what’s possible and in the process I have learnt to quiet down and listen. It was in the moment of silence when I realized that that was my intuition that was guiding me.


Now that I’m rapidly learning to use it, although sometimes still in disbelief, I understand how easy things can be in life. I also have a strong desire to share my journey with the rest of the world to help in any way I can to discover our intuitive powers.


I usually start my introduction to the process of developing intuition with simple steps that I have discovered based on my own journey. All is required is consistency and practice. So let’s go!


1. Giving your body signals of love and care. This is very important. The connection between our body and mind is powerful and it works in both directions. Self-love topic is so overused right now that I bet I made everyone yawn at the mention of it. Often times however when I ask what self-love is, all I hear is crickets. Guess what, we don’t even know how to love ourselves. Let me break the news to you, it’s not shopping, although in rare occasions it could be a way to spoil ourselves. Sleep, healthy nutritious meals, positive self-talk, spending time with people who understand and support us, meditation, acceptance. That’s how we express love.


2. Positive self-talk. Where should I start? It’s incredible to realize the amount of negative words we use towards ourselves. Anything goes. And there is nobody to stop us from using them because technically nobody hears it right? Guess who hears every single one of them? Our body. Each word used towards ourselves affects our energy field and either weakens or strengthens it. Every sound we make has its own vibrational frequency and by using lower or higher frequency depending on the words we chose we alter the way we feel.


3. Our surroundings. And by that I mean people. Another overused expression we all are bored of by now is the average of five people we hang out with shape the way we are. Unfortunately after years of not hearing the real meaning of it, I have proven myself wrong. Every person has their own energy. We all vibrate on a certain frequency and therefore we get pulled to each other like magnets if our frequencies match. Lower frequency people always want to feed off the higher frequency ones and that’s why we sometimes end up in unhealthy relationships. Our job is to recognize them and adjust our frequency for the unwanted relationships to dissipate. Higher frequency relationships bring us to the new highs, they support our wild dreams and allow for exploration and play. So scan your closest five and honestly decide how each relationship affects your life.


4. Quieting down aka meditation. Meditation teaches us to notice our thoughts and to eventually redirect them towards a less self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. Simple and very very much underutilized.


5. The secret is in small decisions. All the above brings me to the juiciest part. Our daily routine decision making. It’s about what to eat for dinner, what to wear, how long to wait before sending a message, take a taxi or metro, any and all small things that make up our life. Why is it so important? It’s practice. Most of us ordinary people can not solve complex mathematical equations before learning the basics of math. Most of us can not hold a yoga pose for a while without building stamina. Same here. It’s practice. By practicing small decision making we are training to hear our inner voice when a big decision is in front of us. Because that’s when it’s time to trust your gut and not run in the opposite direction.


As I said earlier, all of the above is pretty simple. All of the above was a stepping stone that brought me closer to hearing my inner voice. One of the most incredible feelings in the world. Hands down. I’m not sure if I ignored the above steps and chose a route of learning on my own mistakes (not surprised). However I doubt anyone has ever put it in this simple formula for discovering your intuition. So get busy practicing and I can not wait to hear more people out there saying “I just knew it”.

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