Cancelled flights and life despite our plans

July 16, 2018


What do you do when the flight taking you on a new life adventure gets canceled on the day when your trip was supposed to begin?😳

Yeap it totally sucks. At first. But then you take a deep breath and regroup. You sit there for a minute collecting your thoughts and noticing if panic is about to take over. Once you have identified your thoughts, you take them and deconstruct. What is it that makes you panic? Is there an emergency? Is there a missed meeting? And if that’s the case, the very first call you should make after the call to the airline, is to the people expecting you to be somewhere. They’ll understand, the world doesn’t stop because of one missed flight, even if you think it does.

Once that’s done, you just have to realize that you have been gifted a bonus day in the place you were trying to leave. Look around, what can you do with this gift?
It is a lot of unknown for most of us to handle, I get it. But it’s also a chance to explore and allow the side of you that never sees a light of day, to shine through. Just make sure you book your flights with the credit card that covers your expenses during the cancelled trip and there will be not a worry in the world. Take a walk. Go to the movies. Find an adorable cafe to have a meal at. Check out a museum exhibit. Imagine yourself in the movie, it’s completely unplanned and you are directing it! 

I have been “lucky” enough to have two flights cancelled during my travel life. One was last year during the snow storm in New York thanks to which I had a chance to work from the beach in the Dominican Republic. The second one happened last night as I was about to make my way to the airport and start my new adventure.

When I heard about the flight cancellation, this thought kept popping up in my mind - my desire to stay in New York was so strong that it caused a mechanical difficulty on the plane! Can you believe it?? 😂

I needed this day to wrap things up and to let go of my attachment to this city I call home. If there was one a reason for my trip, at least I know that it was to make me realize the deep affection for New York City. This place has become my home and I think it always will be. I finally understand what it is to be homesick for the place we love.

Photo credit Ian Simmonds @Unsplash 

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