Your own little monsters

November 28, 2017


What are you afraid of?


Wait a moment, don’t answer.


Think about it before saying that there is nothing out of ordinary, that everyone is afraid of death, losing loved ones, going bankrupt, you get the idea. That’s not what the question is about though.


What is there that's stopping you on the way to becoming a person you should be? And in most cases it’s not money. Although sounds like a pretty legitimate excuse to all of us, doesn't it? How many blockages have you created in your head ever since you turned two years old? After careful examination, the stuff comes out that we didn’t even know existed inside of us. After further examination, and especially after voicing our fears to someone who is free from the same fears, all of it starts to sound like a bunch of excuses. It’s pretty incredible to notice yourself literally becoming free of this emotional baggage we so carefully have been storing in our heads. The feeling of lightness, of clarity and simplicity. I usually get this feeling after a good meditation session. And that’s how this practice gets addictive. All questions just get answered and all of the sudden there is really nothing we can’t do. Because that really is what the truth is. 


The reason I have created my 30-day brain transformation concept is to show you, and everyone else, two things. First, how hard it is to make our brain do what it’s not used to doing. Second, that the change is possible just by us putting ourselves in “uncomfortable” situations and pushing ourselves a little bit more outside of our comfort zone. Because afer all, everything we ever wanted is on the side of our own fear. 


Go on, make baby steps, believe me, you are safe to follow your dreams.


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