The best adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

Oprah Winfrey 

Using the principals and practice of neuroplasticity, our own energy and intuition to improve the way we feel physically, mentally and spiritually. Letting go of limiting beliefs and opening ourselves to the colorful world of possibilities and feelings is how we arrive to the inner peace.  

Do you remember what it is to feel? Feel the touch, take the time to taste the food you eat, listen to someone and hearing what they are saying? We create the space to bring us back to being human and connecting with each other by putting our phones away and being ourselves. Come and explore together.

Learning about the connection between our well-being, emotions and energetic field could be a powerful tool in the process of healing and transformation. Our bodies are loud speakers of the emotional blocks we hold within. Clearing harmful energy could lead not only to physical improvements but to elevating personal and professional relationships as well.  

This unique concept provides a chance to experience life in a different dimension. Immerse yourself in the local community and transport yourself to a life style of connection, feelings, exploration, spirituality, love and healing. Have your mind altered and discover yourself.

Sound meditation is an experience that is both relaxing and healing. The harmonics that overtone-emitting instruments create during the meditation, balance body and mind giving us a chance to recharge, connect to ourselves and others,  and raise our vibrations. 

The House of Experiences which is located in Oaxaca, Mexico was established with the focus on thoughtful living, self-care and practice of being vs doing. With daily morning meditation, sound healing and various other healing modalities it's a space to call home.